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Oil for a Drift Cars

Drift Cars

drift Cars

SR-5 is highly recommended for use in Drift Racing Engines. SR-5 is designed to keep things under control in the most severe Drift Racing conditions. Regardless if your application is Turbo charged, Supercharged or NA, you would be hard pressed to find better performing motor oil for your Drift Car. The combination of Group IV and Group V synthetic base stock along with the MPZ additive system makes the SR-5 formula incomparable to the competition. SR-5 is available in 0W/20, 5w/30, 5w/40, 5w/50 and 20w/50. If you are truly concerned about the longevity of your race engine and you do not want to compromise, SR-5 is the only choice.

SGO is recommended in applications that require a 75w/90, 80/90, SAE 90, 75w/140 and 85w/140 gear oil. SGO is developed for use in the most severe applications. SGO provides extra protection with an overkill GL-6 service extreme pressure additive system. SGO also contains the best selection of Group IV and Group V Synthetic base stocks. Today’s drift cars produce more horsepower than ever and the use of superior gear oil is a must.

RGO is recommended in applications that require 80w/90 and 85w/140 petroleum gear oil. Some tuners feel their application may benefit from a mineral gear oil. In some cases we have seen applications that experience extreme shock load from a standing start. In this instance RGO protects better than any other oil regardless, if it is petroleum or synthetic. RGO contains the same overkill GL-6 EP additive system as the SGO.

ZEP is recommended for use in race engines that are using an API-SM rated oil. We do not recommend ever using an API-SM oil in a race engine but, if you do, you will need a Zinc additive supplement to bring the anti-wear agents up to proper levels. Torco pioneered the use of additives like Zinc and Phosphorus. We have more experience in putting these additive systems together than any of our competitors. The reason you should use ZEP over a competitors Zinc additive is because ZEP contains more than just Phosphorus and Zinc. Along with increasing anti-wear properties in your oil, ZEP offers anti-friction properties that with increase efficiency and horsepower. ZEP also includes a high performance detergency system that will balance out your finished oil. Beware, using Zinc additives that are not properly balanced may cause harmful residual build-up.

TBO is recommended for a quick break-in of freshly built engines utilizing brand new internal parts. TBO is to be ran up and down throughout the RPM range for a short period of time with little to no load applied. The function of TBO is to let surfaces mate while it suspends any particulate matter it may come in contact with. TBO contains special additives that neutralize acids and a detergency system that works as a scrubbing agent similar to our high quality Torco Diesel Oil TD-1. TBO is batch blended and only accepted in a narrow viscosity range. TBO is more than a typical break-in oil, it can be used as a cleansing oil, baseline oil or flush oil. TBO is available in SAE 30 and SAE 40.

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